Rigid PCB
Flex and Flex-rigid PCB
Rigid PCB
Content Production capability
Layer Counts 2-28(layers)
Material FR-4, High TG FR-4,PTFE, Aluminum Base,Rogers,Polyclad,Arlon,Getek,Nelco
Maximum Size 630mm x 1000mm
Board Outline Tolerance ± 0.076mm
Board Thickness 0.20mm--8.00mm
Thickness Tolerance ( t≥0.8mm) ± 8%
Thickness Tolerance ( t<0.8mm) ± 10%
Insulation Layer Thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm
Minimum Line 0.08mm
Minimum Space 0.08mm
Out Layer Copper
Inner Layer Copper
Drilling Hole (Laser/Mechanical) 0.075mm--6.35mm
Finish Hole (Mechanical) 0.10mm--6.30mm
Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical) 0.05mm
Registration (Mechanical) 0.075mm
Aspect Ratio 12:1
Via hole type Blind/Buried/Plugged
Solder Mask Type LPI
SMT Mini. Solder Mask Width 0.08mm
Mini. Solder Mask Clearance 0.05mm
Plug Hole Diameter 0.20mm--0.50mm
Impedance Control Tolerance ± 10%
Surface Finish HASL / Lead Free HASL
Immersion Gold / Silver / Tin
Flash Gold. Hard Gold plating
Selective thick Gold Plating
Gold Finger (Gold thickness up to 3.05um)
Plating Silver (Silver through Hole)
Carbon ink, Peelable mask, OSP


Flex/ Flex-Rigid PCB


Content Capability
Layer Count 1-12Layer
Dimension(delivery Panel) 18”x24”(457mmx610mm)
PCB Thickness(Min) 0.075mm
Board cutting of automatism precision +/-1mm
Vias (Max) 6.5mm
Vias(Min) 0.15mm
Via hole tolerance 0.025mm
Aspect Ratio 12:1

Line width/space
PTH tolerance
NPTH tolerance
Hole copper thickness


Flash gold thickness on Pads 0.01~0.2um
Hard gold thickness on Pads 0.1~2.0um
Tin thickness on Pads 2~40um
Tin thickness on Pads 2~40um
single-sided etching Min trace/gap 0.0508/0.0508mm
2/4/6 Layer etching Min. trace/gap 0.0768/0.0762mm
Min Pad size available in production 0.1mm
Etch tolerance 15%
Trace between trace registration tolerance +/-3mil
Trace between hole registration tolerance +/-2mil
Protective film registration tolerance +/-4mil
Max Hole by punch die φ3.175mm
Min Hole by punch die φ2.0mm
laminated Protective film overbrim glue tolerance ±0.15mm
Thermoplastic adhesive printing ink/UV printing ink position tolerance ±0.0916mm
Pitch of solder mask 0.0762mm
Solder mask to PAD 0.076mm
Solder mask to SMT 0.076mm
silkscreen to PAD 0.15mm

silkscreen to SMT
Surface Finish

HASL, Lead free HASL Immersion gold, gold plate Carbon ink